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‘Supernatural’ Season 10, Episode 22 Recap/Spoilers: Dean Out Of Control, Hunter Goes After The Styne Family

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The penultimate episode of “Supernatural” Season 10 showed again the dark side of Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). In “Supernatural” Season 10, episode 22 titled “The Prisoner,” Dean decides to go after the people responsible for Charlie’s (Felicia Day) death in the previous episode titled “Dark Dynasty.”

In Shreveport, Louisiana, the members of the Styne family show a teenage bully what they are capable of doing to those who try to hurt any of them. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester burned Charlie’s body after her tragic death in the hands of the Styne family because she took the “Book of the Damned” from them in order to help Dean.

Dean, who blames Sam for Charlie’s death, orders his younger brother to end the plan of saving him from the Mark of Cain before someone else could get hurt or end up dead like Charlie. Then, Dean tells Sam that he will go after whoever killed Charlie and rip everything as well as everyone that they have ever loved.

Sam informs Castiel (Misha Collins) that he is shutting down their mission of finding the cure for Dean because of what happened to Charlie. However, Sam changed his mind after receiving Charlie’s email with a file that can allow the witch Rowena (Ruth Connell) to read the “Book of the Damned” and cure Dean from the troublesome Mark of Cain.

Sam wants Castiel to find Dean and keep him safe. As for Rowena, Sam wants the witch to translate the “Book of the Damned” and find the cure but Rowena wants Sam to kill her son, Crowley (Mark Sheppard), first.

Dean arrives in Shreveport, Louisiana to track down the Styne family but his hunt got interrupted when the police arrested him for bogus violations. Dean managed to escape from the police officers after finding out that they take orders from the Stynes because the family owns the town.

Meanwhile, Sam has lured Crowley (Mark Sheppard) into a death trap so that Rowena will fulfill her end of the bargain of curing Dean. Rowena’s hex bag and the devil’s trap bullet that Sam placed in Crowley initially worked on the King of Hell.

After finding out that Sam and his mother are working together, Crowley is reminded of the horrible things he did as a demon and what it was like to be evil. Crowley shows off his red eyes to Sam as well as what he is capable of doing.

“I could kill you. Snap my fingers, easiest thing in the world,” Crowley tells Sam. Fortunately for Sam, Crowley changed his mind and allowed Sam to live. However, Crowley wants Sam to tell Rowena that he gave her a chance to walk away but she just spat it on his face so now she will not see him coming.

Dean heads to the Styne family mansion to seek revenge for Charlie’s death. The influence of the Mark of Cain helped Dean defeat the members of the Styne family and their bodyguards when they tried to use him as a lab rat because he is a man that does not die.

Castiel calls Sam to describe how Dean brutally murdered everyone at the mansion. Dean heads back home to the Men of Letters bunker where there are three remaining Styne family members who wants to burn down the place.

Castiel arrives at the Men of Letters bunker to see that Dean has killed the man who murdered Charlie as well as the youngest member of the Styne family who kept on begging for his life. Then, Dean brutally beat up Castiel and almost killed him with the angel blade when Castiel explained that he and Sam only wanted to cure the Mark of Cain.

Dean wants Castiel and Sam to stay away from him. “Next time I won’t miss,” Dean warns Castiel as he leaves the Men of Letters bunker.

“Supernatural” Season 10 will return with the finale episode titled “Brother’s Keeper” on Wednesday night, May 20, at 9/8c on the CW Network.

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